LEx Academe (soon)

LEx is partnering with CommPartners to leverage their award-winning Elevate Learning Management System to provide structured and capacity building free choice learning programs to target stakeholder groups in and outside of LEx - with free and paid programming. Initially, we will make the system available to qualified 3rd party members within LEx to offer their programming content via LEx Academe, eventually developing a rich curriculum of proprietary programming for offer.  Though LEx Acadame will start as an online facility, it is anticipated it will evolve into a mix of online, multi-media and physical learning environments.

Morgan Simon’s foundational best-selling book, Real Impact: The New Economics Of Social Change, sets the context/imperative/opportunity we intend to substantively address:
  • "Capacity Building and Startup Capital is Lacking for the 99 Percent – Capacity-building programs for social entrepreneurs to receive business training and access to funding are plentiful, but similarly limited to few, and typically only those who have already attained a high level of formal education can participate. For others who would like to get involved in social entrepreneurship, particularly to build their own, community-based businesses, the barriers to entry can be substantial.”
  • "Social Education Is Not Being Taken As Seriously As Financial Education – The Industry treats social knowledge as extra-curricular - something ‘nice to have’ that can be learned and assessed intuitively, rather than a ‘must have’ that requires ongoing education and effort."
Accordingly, LEx Academe will:

  • CONNECT participants with ideas and leaders who are changing the world.
  • EMPOWER participants to imagine and to create a better world.
  • MOBILIZE the knowledge and insights of the LEx eco-system into something actionable and impactful.
  • TRANSFORM individuals with ideas into leaders with vision.
LEx Academe is for:

  • Individuals who have grand ideas for the world, but don’t have the expertise or skills to move their ideas forward. This is often individuals early in their career.
  • Individuals in positions of authority who want to do more good with their authority. This is often mid-career people who “moved up the ladder” but now want to use their position for a greater good.
  • Individuals who have a strong vision and are in leadership positions but want to learn how to catalyze systemic change on a larger scale.
  • Individuals who want to explore and grapple with LEx leadership ideas, but aren’t in a position of committing to a unit of study.
It is considered imperative that ultimately LEx Academe be in partnership with, and providing program content to, all levels of learning systems, from primary to post-graduate. Leadership is not a title; it is a competence – it is our job to assure that the LEx competencies of leadership that we have crafted by 2029 prevails.