Ours To Make A Better World



Leaders Expedition (LEx), was a Canadian non-profit corporation formed in 2016.


We believed that there was a systemic, global leadership insufficiency that if unaddressed by 2030 represented an existential threat to humanity. Moreover, we believed that a Manhattan Project scale response was demanded that connected, empowered, and mobilized a coalition of accomplished globalist, centrist/progressive citizens to transform leadership narratives, cultures and practices – where they live and where they work.


Over the next four years, nearly 1,000 members from 35+ nations invested over 20,000 hours of their time, and $400,000 to design, prototype and refine the eco-system solution that we believed had the potential to elevate 1,000,000 of our members to positions of influence, power and impact by 2030: from the classroom, to the boardroom, to the legislature.


Leaders Expedition (LEx) suspended all operations and commenced legal dissolution in June 2020 due to an inability to secure the necessary funding to scale.


The need lives on. So too must the dream.

It is ours to make a better world.




We envision leadership cultures in which personal fulfillment, enterprise success, environmental sustainability and social justice are together guarantors of prosperity for all in a world of abundance.



To catalyze a community of accomplished leader creators who share a sense of destiny and are uniquely positioned to transform leadership cultures everywhere. A group committed to systemic global change by the elevation of our members to positions of influence and power—be it classroom, boardroom or legislature.



We believe we are each held to be responsible for, and accountable to, ourselves and each other. Thus empowered, we are obligated to conduct ourselves so as to better enable a future where in spirit and practice:

  1. All persons are equal.

  2. There is no basis for discrimination, prejudice, or violence against any person.

  3. All persons have access to and enjoy the same voting rights.

  4. All persons are free to express themselves as they wish, without threat, harm, or other negative repercussions.

  5. All persons have the right to, and enjoyment of, personal security and property protection.

  6. All persons have access to and enjoy the same right to privacy.

  7. All persons have access to nutritious and affordable food, clean water and clean air.

  8. All persons have access to such education as is necessary to realize one’s needs and desires.

  9. All persons have access to healthcare that provides for a long and well-lived life.

  10. All persons can pursue a livelihood that provides for a productive, accomplished, and rewarding life lived with dignity.

  11. Those who cannot provide for themselves can access such means as allows for a life that is productive, accomplished and rewarding, and lived with dignity.

  12. The natural world, including species and ecosystems, is precious and worthy of protection.

Core Values

  1. We live in an age of abundance in which self-interest and societal interest need not be in conflict. While enlightened self-interest lies at the heart of discovery and innovation in this new age, its application is best nurtured and shared within an equitable, vibrant and prosperous society.

  2. We are leader-creators recognized by our peers as curious, courageous, skilled, inspired and inspiring—and accomplished within our own domains.

  3. We honour diversity. We are people of all races and cultures, all professions and pursuits, all ages, genders, and physical abilities. We are bound together not by identity or ideology, but by a shared recognition that to seize the full potential of humanity, the existential challenges that confront us can only be addressed by innovating and collaborating together.

  4. We provide for the future. We acknowledge but cannot adjudicate the past. All peoples are capable of both wonderous achievement—and of evil. We choose to focus on a future informed by our shared history, based on collective innovation, ingenuity, and effort.

  5. We empower ourselves as the foundation of our community. We are committed to practicing personal mastery with self-awareness, open mindedness, and generosity.

  6. We are committed to helping each other to achieve personal and professional success — to be makers and enablers of exceptional communities, enterprises, and societies through peer support and purposeful collaboration.

  7. We are committed to leading by example — connecting, empowering, and mobilizing members to show the transformative power of collective will, strength, and action.

  8. We are focused on finding many solutions, not one answer. We are committed to building the vibrant global community from which new and enduring leadership cultures will be fostered, nurtured, and spread—inspired by moderation and the rejection of extremes.

  9. We are committed to honesty, transparency and respect - a community of sincere, open-minded and authentic individuals, who are clear, gracious and giving in their views and actions.

  10. Ours is a self-sustaining movement — an evolving, self-organizing, diverse, global community of people—that will define our objectives and determine our outcomes from the bottom-up, not the top-down.

  11. We are tenacious and will prevail — ours is a long and challenging road, but we will travel it diligently, willingly, and joyfully.

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If you are a centrist globalist, wanting to be part of the discussion keeping the LEx vision alive, join us at :

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