It’s Time To Change The Way Leaders Lead

Effective January 15th 2020 the website operations of the LEx HUB were suspended for non-payment by the vendor. This is the community platform and public facing presence of Leaders Expedition (LEx) com.

That is why you find yourself on this temporary landing page.

Our focus is to secure the support of one or more benefactors with whom our Tenets resonate, and to secure the funding to allow us to resume operations and scale our vital enterprise.

Our MoonShot

To elevate One Million LEx members to positions of influence, power and impact by 2030: From the classroom to the boardroom, to the legislature

Leaders Expedition (LEx) serves as a catalyst to help future-focused leader-makers transform the world, one city and one issue at a time.

Our story is that we are a story—one that, hopefully, you will help write. It’s not a story about the past. It’s about the future—the one we all will create and inhabit together. The one that will ensure we all have enough, enjoy lives of dignity, and share the same rights. Our collective future won’t be about going down a dystopian path. It can’t be. LEx is about making sure that ‘that’ doesn’t happen. How do we do that? First, let's put things into perspective. We live in the most abundant time in human history, yet we have a shortage of leadership practiced in thinking about the future. As a world community, we also don’t have the ability to quickly transform locally born ideas into earth-size solutions. Somebody needs to fix that!

Wait, that’s us—and ‘us’ includes you!

LEx enables future-focused leaders to scale their ideas

This is what we do. It’s our North Star, our DNA, and why we wake up in the morning. It’s not just what we do to exist; it’s what we exist to do!

Here’s how LEx has structured itself to make that possible (with you):

  • Making it easy and fun for local leaders to get together and build momentum to pursue their ideas in LEx LocalCircles. Designed to be small, local, in-person, and nimble, these powerful peer support groups amplify your passion(s) to be better and do better while doing good – by developing Projects that will transform your community!
  • LEx GlobalCircles focus on 15 spheres of impact; 15 longer-term, change-the-way-we-think things that we all face and that need to solve together. GlobalCircles bring visionary leaders from around the world together to introduce big plans for the world (we call them ‘moonshots’)—then get them done (we call these efforts ‘Missions’).
  • Supporting passionate leaders to advance their ideas to scale with The LEx Hub which includes custom-built infrastructure, tools, connections, and support from your fellow leaders around the world.
  • Introducing the LEx Tenets – collectively our Vision, Mission, Charter and Core Values - that clearly define the shared outcomes we (all) aim for, what success looks like. Our Tenets multiply the value of each contributor’s efforts as they ensures a future with less conflict through shared values.
  • Building Amplifiers—carefully designed, shared programs that work like building blocks to make all our shared efforts more efficient and effective.

Where We’re At

Leaders Expedition (LEx) is a registered non-profit organization based in Canada that has invested over 15,000 hours and US$250,000 to devise and test practical solutions to change the way leaders lead, globally and systemically – by 2030. We have 650 members from 35+ countries. We believe that to fail is an existential threat to humanity - to let the angriest voices define the societies in which our children and grand-children will be raised.

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Join hundreds of concerned citizens from around the world in signing a petition to 100 prospective benefactors and influencers who have the capacity to make LEx happen. Together, they are just a small fraction of the people who could do so.

Join your voice with like-minded people everywhere who believe that there is an existential leadership insufficiency that is systemic and global – and that we need to change the way leaders lead by 2030.

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For More Information

If you’d like more information and/or would like to join Leaders Expedition (LEx), please email Bob Westrope, Founder & Executive Director at bob.westrope@leadersX.org.