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Announcements From LEx HUB

  • GC Sustainability & Energy Disruption releases draft Moonshot

    @Heather Crochetiere and @Bob Mitchell​​, Co-Hosts of the GC S&ED, released the groups draft Moonshot:  By 2030, creating a world where 8.5 billion people can live happy, healthy lives, within the limits of the planetary boundaries and in harmony with wildlife and healthy ecosystems. If you'd like to weigh in on the discussion, join the GC S&ED today! More
  • Founding LEx member Gary Saarenvirta raises $10 million for Daisy Intelligence

    LEx member @Gary Saarenvirta announced this week that he had closed a Series A financing of CAD $10 million for his AI-powered platform. He noted that "Our mission is really to become the world’s largest and most respected AI company. I feel that we’re on our way." Gary was one of the 25 who attended the first LEx Congress in April 2017.  He has often spoken eloquently about his passion to use his technology to make the world a better place.  This financing is a perfect example of the type of financial ... More
  • LC Toronto announces its first - and LEx's first - LC Project!

    Today, LC Toronto Circle Animator (and Project Sponsor) @Michael Moran announced that ​LC Toronto had formally approved their first LC Project.  The is the FIRST LC Project announced, and it's an excellent exemplar for all to follow. The Project is to assist a LEx member @Matthew Armstrong and his company Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives (SWRI) in their efforts to promote, market, manufacture and sell their Hybrid Solar Wind generation station. The energy collection methods that SWRI use to harvest renewable resources ... More

Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    Just read this. It's a lovely piece. Mary Oliver's "three selves" taxonomy is a pretty poeticism for how creatives think of themselves and their work. I think the self is more protean than she suggests. I wonder if she's projecting the peculiarities of the traditional "artistic type" (the personality traits of a "traditional" creative) a bit much. I sort of read it like an archetypal description of ... More

  • Right off the bat, I want to say what this is not about. I want to shout upfront that this is not about denying the credibility of rape victims. It is also absolutely not about being skeptical about claims made in that realm. It is about forging a journalistic practice that is both intensely rigorous and trauma-informed, and I use some potentially explosive topics to discuss that. With that said... ... More

  • I thought I'd post the transcript for a conversational debate I did on the rights of immigrants here to see if anyone had anything interesting to say about it. It was recommended to me, recently, that I do a mini-tour of colleges talking about political and journalism issues, as well as whatever limited expertise I can claim to have on things like the vaping industry. So, I guess I'm testing the waters. ... More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    The whole thing is worth watching but skip to 15:30 for a compelling rationale for why LEx must exist: ------------------------------ David Janzen ------------------------------ More

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  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    Thanks, Keith. Enjoyed the overview of CDS. It seems like a great tool for the kinds of discussions we need to be having. ------------------------------ Andrew Moss Founder & CEO Coach Andrew Moss Toronto ON 6479814300 ------------------------------ More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    Bob, this is a fantastic video summarizing the case for funding. Well done. Hello all - as Bob mentioned, I've stepped up to offer support in growing our community as Bob and others continue to look for a benefactor to get behind our LEx mission. There are a few ways to get involved in this global growth effort once you have completed Bob's request for connections to help his efforts. 1. We'll ... More

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  • In my work as a futurist, I have identified ten broad areas that are undergoing what I call technology revolutions, and will have enormous effects on how (and when) we live our lives. These are not exclusive; that is, they overlap (biofuels are both biotechnology and energy), but I find them useful to help explain the main types of disruptive technologies now being developed. 1. Aerospace and ... More

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  • I just received an email from Sophia Ikura, Sophia is the Executive Director of the Health Commons Solutions Lab in Toronto which was created to provide a space dedicated to building practical solutions to address health disparities. The mission and vision for the Lab is the culmination of nearly 18 years of learning in health and social policy roles. Sophie and her team have just released an exciting ... More

  • Singularity Hub To Reinvent Healthcare, Stop Treating Patients and Start Building Communities It's not news that healthcare costs in the US are sky-high. What might be news to some, though, is that year over year, we're spending more money ... More

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  • Posted in: LEx Hub CNN The flat earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core? "I don't want to be a flat earther," David Weiss says, his voice weary as he reflects on his personal awakening. "Would you wake up in the morning and want everyone to ... More

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    Social isolation

    Hello all! Newish member but you'll be seeing me contributing to these important discussions on a regular basis. How might we use sport and entertainment to address the social isolation occurring within our cities, especially in cities with significantly growing and diversifying communities? As Mandela realized in Invictus, sport can be a great rallying call; music and entertainment provide the ... More

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  • The Economist Who will win the media wars? A MERICA HAS seen some spectacular investment booms: think of the railways in the 1860s, Detroit's car industry in the 1940s or the fracking frenzy in this century. Today the ... More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    This is an important thing to keep in mind and it makes me think that we might want to reword the old adage: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group. To: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a diverse group. See Oleg Vishnepolsky's discussion of this topic here: Importance of Diversity on Teams ------------------------------ ... More

  • If some LExers are going to advocate for and help lead effective programs to address climate change, we need to spend some time thinking deeply about the troubling dilemmas that surround this issue. We're Doomed. Now What? An optimist's guide to the climate crisis by Chris Turner from the November 2019 issue of The Walrus , is one of the best articles on climate change that I have read in recent ... More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    Great read! Thank you for sharing Peter. I can see how this aligns with the work we are doing at LEx, as well as what Section 1 is doing. Important conversations to be had if we hope to change the direction humanity is going to. ------------------------------ Marcela Killin Chief Operating Officer Leaders Expedition Ajax ON ------------------------------ More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub

    I would be happy to connect if I can offer any help! Please email me your availability at ------------------------------ Marcela Killin Chief Operating Officer Leaders Expedition Ajax ON ------------------------------ More

  • What Are The Biggest Technology Trends Transforming Medicine And Healthcare In 2020 ------------------------------ EMILE DESTIN IBARA DONIAMA SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SERVICES|SNPC Brazzaville +242064982325 ------------------------------ More

  • WE NEED A GLOBAL & TRANSPARENT CLIMATE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TO ACHIEVE THE PARIS AGREEMENT ​ We are calling on you and all our planetary stakeholders to contribute in the development of an open source and collectively owned global climate accounting system, platform and portal. The collaborative hackathon will begin on November 16th at a 2-day on-campus launch at Yale University ... More

  • Hi Mr. Mitchell Mike made me aware of this feed. I am happy to give you some introductory answers to your questions. Customers: SWRI has a product line of 8 sizes, which vary from a 4,500 annual kWh for a cabin, to small DEW lines and remote outposts, all the way up to multi-MW utility size. SWRI aims to focus primarily on large remote community and industrial applications. Yes, SWRI hybrid ... More

  • Posted in: LEx Hub McKinsey & Company 'Don't be the villain': Niall Ferguson looks forward and back at capitalism ... More

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