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  • This LEx GlobalCircle is in the process of organizing...

    From the 34,500 year old painting of a fruit-eating pig on a cave wall in Timpuseng Indonesia, to Miguel de Cervante’s Don Quixote to Margaret Atwood’s Handmaids Tale, there are those amongst us who seek to illustrate, challenge and in the process, shape the human experience. These people are by their nature leaders - in their sharing and provocation willing to risk all.   In this age of connected intelligence, the very notion of what it means to be human is a narrative that is today being written. ... More
  • Leaders Expedition Co-Sponsors Vital Conference

    Leaders Expedition (LEx), is co-sponsoring an important conference this October 5th/6th called Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship - A Conference on the Existential Threat to our Democracy and How We Might Redeem It. The brainchild of Peter Biro, and his team at Section1, the two day event will feature dozens of pre-eminent academics and subject matter experts on topics ranging from Free Press in a Constitutional Democracy to Evidence Based Policy Making: A Threat ... More
  • Do you know who these people are? Clue: they are all LEx Leaders...

    Today we are proud to announce the launch of the LEx Museum Project. As we all aspire to become ever more effective leaders - history provides an abundance of people who are exemplars of the LEx Tenets. Distilling the Mission, Vision, Core Principles, Charter and Membership Pledge (together, the Tenets), we identified 11 leadership attributes that powerfully speak to our community. These attributes are : Personal Mastery & Authenticity; Advancing Equality; Environmental Stewardship; Courage & Tenacity; ... More

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  • Fadairo kelly Wilfrid has successfully completed the United Nations & EvalSDGs' online Training Program on Evaluation and the 2030 Agenda ------------------------------ Kelly Wilfrid Fadairo Abidjan +22549298690 ------------------------------

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  • Join LEx member @Miguel Reynolds Brandão , from Lisbon Portugal, as he discusses his new book The Sustainable Organization: A Paradigm For A Fairer Society and his Sustainable Organization Index (SORG). "Let it be said that The Sustainable Organization is a book that sits on the pulse of our times. It will provoke the reader to reflection upon the economic realities of our collective and ...

  • Critics on the left and right are waging war on liberalism. And liberals don't seem to have a good defense. Vox The anti-liberal moment Shortly after its post-World War I creation, the foundations of Germany's Weimar Republic began to quake. In 1923, Hitler staged an abortive coup attempt in Bavaria, the so-called Beer Hall Putsch - a failure that nonetheless ...

  • Longreads The Myth of Making It I think maybe I thought I made it a couple of times. Both of them had to do with jobs. Both were fleeting feelings - very much tied to age and stage of life - and I've never felt the same way again. ...

  • Mailchi Eric Edelman: On America's Strategic Position, Great Power Competition, and the Liberal World Order EDELMAN: The Americans have been, for many years, reluctant participants in the world. We were separated from Asia and Europe by two vast ...

  • Gfycat US Congressional Divide Watch US Congressional Divide GIF by Silas Soule (@asdf__) on Gfycat. Discover more America, congress, data, government, graph, infographic, politics, visualization GIFs on Gfycat View this on Gfycat ...

  • The Business Imperative of Diversity ...

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