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Mykah Czarina Dela Cruz, 'When The World Breaks Through'
Mykah Czarina Dela Cruz, 'When The World Breaks Through'

The accomplishment of our members is what sets Leaders Expedition apart. We are a community of people who have demonstrated curiosity, conviction, courage and perseverance in the pursuit of personal, enterprise and societal transformation. We are builders, makers, operators and creators. We are men and women from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures and all sectors who believe both in our accountability to ourselves and our responsibility to the world around us.

We celebrate diversity and consider it a critical success factor. Our membership is drawn from some of the following sectors:

  • Academia – primary through to post-graduate
  • Arts/Culture/Entertainment
  • Community and grass roots initiatives
  • Not For Profit/Charity/NGO
  • Media
  • Political arena – local/municipal, regional, national, international
  • Private sector – Solo/SMB to Fortune 500
  • Public sector – local/municipal, regional, national, international
  • Social Enterprise
  • Youth

There is currently no cost for joining.

Membership Pledge

No group of individuals - even highly accomplished ones - can have substantial impact or influence without shared purpose and commitment. We take this undertaking very seriously.  It follows then that we ask everyone who joins LEx to make the following pledge.

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