LEx Circles

LEx enables future-focused leaders to scale their ideas.
We do that through many different LEx Initiatives ( you can learn more about all of them here)

LEx Circles are sub-groups of LEx, created and organized to create impact where it matters:

LEx Local Circles - or LCs - are regionally formed groups focused on peer support and development, with a goal of creating longlasting relationships that help elevate each member’s local impact on the culture of leadership. Whether recruiting and facilitating an LC, helping develop and elevate their peers in the circle, hosting regional summits or guiding the execution of LC projects, an LC will develop and accelerate you as a leader. It will also be the platform to launch your group’s projects from. In addition, the Global network creates an opportunity for leaders to connect and work with their like-minded peers from around the world, learning best practices and further amplifying the group’s local efforts.

LEx Global Circles - or GCs - are self-forming and self-governing online communities where change-agents, visionaries and leader-creators leverage the proven strengths of peer support networks and LExHub tools to activate personal and enterprise growth and the development of the Missions that will transform leadership narratives, cultures and practices in their sphere of impact. You can belong to as many GC's as you wish!