• This LEx GlobalCircle is in the process of organizing...

    From the 34,500 year old painting of a fruit-eating pig on a cave wall in Timpuseng Indonesia, to Miguel de Cervante’s Don Quixote to Margaret Atwood’s Handmaids Tale, there are those amongst us who seek to illustrate, challenge and in the process, shape the human experience. These people are by their nature leaders - in their sharing and provocation willing to risk all.  

    In this age of connected intelligence, the very notion of what it means to be human is a narrative that is today being written.  

    This LEx GlobalCircle is in the process of organizing, and is looking for a Host and five founding members to get started.

    Are you ready to join to join with accomplished peers from around the world to help create the community powerful enough to assure a human narrative that is consistent with the LEx Tenets? 

    LEx GlobalCircle for Arts & Culture
    Circle Development Coordinator: @David Janzen