• Do you know who these people are? Clue: they are all LEx Leaders...

    Today we are proud to announce the launch of the LEx Museum Project.

    As we all aspire to become ever more effective leaders - history provides an abundance of people who are exemplars of the LEx Tenets. Distilling the Mission, Vision, Core Principles, Charter and Membership Pledge (together, the Tenets), we identified 11 leadership attributes that powerfully speak to our community. These attributes are : Personal Mastery & Authenticity; Advancing Equality; Environmental Stewardship; Courage & Tenacity; Leading by Example; Vision Making; Service for Others; Bridging Divides; Integrity & Core Values; Community Elevation; Unrelenting Curiosity. By sharing these stories and attributes, by sharing the example they set, we believe in the aggregate that they illuminate the potential breadth and depth of the Leaders Expedition (LEx) community.

    This online museum is the earliest incarnation of what we intend to be a cornerstone of LEx. Here we begin to tell leadership stories, to discuss their relevance to our lives today, and learn from them and each other. But, imagine, just a few years from now, a pop-up museum in your city, and, eventually travelling to bricks and mortar museum, the LEX Museum of Leadership.

    We begin with just 10 inductees from the relatively recent past, working for a diverse sample of individuals from around the world. We have developed a list of over 200 prospective inductees, but expect to hear from all of our community – especially the GlobalCircles - about who we need to add, and importantly, how we do that.

    We hope these individuals provoke discussion and constructive criticism. Each individual is, as we all are, an imperfect human being, and yet demonstrate some leadership attribute that changed the course of the world. 

    In time of course, we will honour living inductees.

    This project would not have been possible without the dedication, expertise and plain hard work of Jaime Rathor, a LEx member and museum professional in Edmonton, Canada, with contributions from Michael Fraser and Jamaal Hyder, members from Toronto. 


    Warm regards

    Judith Koke, MMst
    Director (Volunteer),
    LEx Museum Project

    Deputy Executive Director, Professional Learning
    Institute for Learning Innovation
    (V) 647-986-0977