• LC Toronto announces its first - and LEx's first - LC Project!

    Today, LC Toronto Circle Animator (and Project Sponsor) @Michael Moran announced that ​LC Toronto had formally approved their first LC Project.  The is the FIRST LC Project announced, and it's an excellent exemplar for all to follow.

    The Project is to assist a LEx member @Matthew Armstrong and his company Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives (SWRI) in their efforts to promote, market, manufacture and sell their Hybrid Solar Wind generation station. The energy collection methods that SWRI use to harvest renewable resources provides a reliable and continual supply of electricity in the extremely difficult environment of our most northern latitudes.  Solving a problem of how to harness renewable energy in one of the most demanding environments on our planet certainly gives visibility to a number of situations that SWRI's technology would be a very good solution for cheap and clean electrical generation. 

    As always, the intent is to support Matthew and elevate him as a leader in his chosen field - certainly to be one of the "one million members in positions of influence, power and impact by 2030: From the classroom, to the boardroom to the legislature"!

    For more information on LocalCircles and their Projects, see:

    For more information on Matthew's Project, please reach out to @Michael Moran or @Matthew Armstrong.

    Congrats to Matthew, Mike, founding LC Host and the whole LC Toronto for starting us off with such a strong initiative!