LEx Points

LEx Points is the powerful, exciting and FUN way to keep track of your engagement with, and commitment to, LEx.

LEx Points recognize the time and effort all LEx members dedicate to empower their communities and transform the world. Each activity you engage with within the LEx HUB grants you a certain amount of LEx points. Each LEx Point corresponds to 1 (one) minute of your time committed to LEx, which means that for every hour you dedicate to LEx you get a total of 60 (sixty) LEx points.

2-Minute Tutorial

Points are awarded based on three different categories:

Engagement & Contributions – Every minute you take to participate in a discussion, engage with other members is a minute you dedicate to connect, empower, mobilize and transform.  Engagement points are awarded automatically by the LEx system, as per the following criteria:


Reputation – These points are awarded every time you are recognized by your peers for providing valuable content and information. We award you an extra 10 LEx Points every time someone recommends your posts, or marks your responses as “Best Answer”

Volunteering These points can be claimed on a self-reporting basis for every volunteering opportunity you take with LEx. Volunteering opportunities include being the host, co-host and animator of a LC/GC, attending a LEx Event, participating in a special initiative etc.

Points are awarded according to the number of hours each activity required. You can claim points for the pre-set activities listed below:


Current Opportunities for Volunteer Points

Showing 1 to 3 of 3
08-11-2019 No Limits! 9000  points
Online Opportunity
08-11-2019 Larger Project (up to 100 hours total) 6000  points
Online Opportunity
08-11-2019 Larger Project (up to 100 hours total) 6000  points
Online Opportunity