About LEx

Hi, Welcome to LEx! 

Leaders Expedition (LEx) serves as a catalyst to help future-focused leader-makers transform the world, one city and one issue at a time.

Our story is that we are a story—one that, hopefully, you will help write. It’s not a story about the past. It’s about the future—the one we all will create and inhabit together. The one that will ensure we all have enough, enjoy lives of dignity, and share the same rights. Our collective future won’t be about going down a dystopian path. It can’t be. LEx is about making sure that ‘that’ doesn’t happen.

How do we do that?  First, let's put things into perspective.
We live in the most abundant time in human history, yet we have a shortage of leadership practiced in thinking about the future. As a world community, we also don’t have the ability to quickly transform locally born ideas into earth-size solutions. Somebody needs to fix that!

Wait, that’s us—and ‘us’ includes you!

Our Initiatives

LEx enables future-focused leaders to scale their ideas.

This is what we do. It’s our North Star, our DNA, and why we wake up in the morning. It’s not just what we do to exist; it’s what we exist to do!

 Here’s How LEx is structuring itself to make that possible (with you):
  • Making it easy and fun for local leaders to get together and build momentum to pursue their ideas in LEx LocalCircles. Designed to be small, local, in-person, and nimble, these powerful peer support groups amplify your passion(s) to be better and do better while doing good – by developing Projects that will transform your community!
  • LEx GlobalCircles focus on 15 spheres of impact; 15 longer-term, change-the-way-we-think things that we all face and that need to solve together. GlobalCircles bring visionary leaders from around the world together to introduce big plans for the world (we call them ‘moonshots’)—then get them done (we call these efforts ‘Missions’).
  • Promoting 11 Core Principles to help ideas ‘fit’ globally and with each other.
  • Supporting passionate leaders to advance their ideas to scale with The LEx Hub which includes custom-built infrastructure, tools, connections, and support from your fellow leaders around the world.
  • Introducing a Charter that clearly lists the shared outcomes we (all) aim for. The LEx Charter multiplies the value of each contributor’s efforts as it ensures a future with less conflict through shared values.
  • Building Amplifiers—carefully designed, shared programs that work like building blocks to make all our shared efforts more efficient and effective. 

Interested? Get Involved!
It’s Easy, Fun, and You May Help Save The World ;-)


LEx LocalCircles (LC's) are self-forming and self-governing impact teams of up to 12 accomplished peers from diverse sectors and demographics, all equally committed to your personal and enterprise success – as you will be to theirs. LC members leverage the proven strengths of peer support networks and LExHub tools to activate personal and enterprise growth and the development of the Projects that will transform leadership narratives, cultures and practices in their community. Membership is optional.


LEx Connect is the place where you can post a request, an idea and/or offer your services to the LEx global community. Think of this as the Kijijiji or Craigslist for initiatives with a purpose, with people you'd like to do business with. 

LEx Passion Project is designed to help you connect with potential customers, vendors, suppliers and partners - think of this as your dedicated webpage, your business card, your Yellow Pages listing - your storefront to LEx.


LEx GlobalCircles (GC’s) are self-forming and self-governing online communities where members leverage the proven strengths of peer support networks and LExHub tools to activate personal and enterprise growth and the development of the Missions that will transform leadership narratives, cultures and practices in their sphere of impact. Membership is optional.


(Coming Soon)

Where LEx employers, job seekers and freelancers find each other - doing business with people that you want to do business with.

(Comming Soon) 

Just as 
LEx LocalCircles sponsor Projects, and LEx GlobalCircles sponsor Missions, there will be instances where ad-hoc groups of individuals will want to come together from around the world (via LExHUB tools) to define and sponsor LEx Special Initiatives – collaborative efforts targeted to specific challenges or opportunities that will be operated and held to account precisely the same as per the Project & Mission process/infrastructure. These will be tested in the Summer of 2019 and rolled-out in the Fall.


Bringing together like-minded individuals who recognize the value of the advisor/coach relationship, whether for enterprise or for personal challenges and opportunities.

LEx Origins

Actually, we’re still in the ‘origin’ phase! While the backstory details for the early volunteers and organizers are very different, their motivations have many similarities. Read on!

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In 2015, Bob Westrope was wondering where the world was going (aren’t you too?). His experience in the army reserves in high school and as a political science and international security major at university taught Bob to see around corners. He parlayed that into consulting opportunities at KPMG and struck out on his own as a certified executive coach. From these situations and his experience at raising venture funding (successfully and unsuccessfully) in international business, he learned how hard it was to manage change.

As he watched the way the world was developing, he felt the rise of autocrats was distancing mankind from our potential. He wasn’t happy. So, he started talking about it—to lots of people. Bob and many of the people he spoke with believed that so many people are unaware of the near future and the dangers of dragging status quo thinking and systems into an abundant future.

Now, Bob serves in the role of Founder + Executive Director at LEx and spends most of his time igniting, doing, dreaming, and fundraising. You can reach him at bob.westrope@leadersx.org or catch him in person at a local or online event.

Then, others joined:

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Along with over 600 members from around the world!

LEx So Far...


Founder FAQs

In these 1-2 minute videos, Founder and Executive Director of Leaders Expedition Bob Westrope answers the most frequently asked questions by those considering joining LEx.